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About The Ocicat Club

The Club was formed in December 1994 to pursue the recognition and acceptance of our lovely breed by the Cat Fancy in the UK, whilst providing a friendly and helpful environment for this to occur.

The first Ocicats came to the UK in the late 1980's, and it was the dedication of our founder members that saw the Ocicat first accepted on the Show Bench in July 1997, when Preliminary Status was granted by The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy to which the Club had become affiliated.  

As the only UK Cat Club dedicated exclusively to the Ocicat and Aztec, our members have always shown dedication and loyalty to the breed. They succeeded in nurturing the Ocicat through all stages of official recognition, gaining Provisional Status in 2002 and ultimately achieving Full Championship Status in 2005. 

"As a Club, we aim to show and exhibit these exceptional cats whenever possible.  We offer support, advice and information to both members and potential members alike"

We strive to promote the Ocicat by our presence at many shows thoughout the year with our Club table with Ocicats on exhibition. Our members share a common devotion to our wonderful breed which receives high acclaim worldwide!

In 2007 The Ocicat Club agreed to support the introduction of the classic patterned Ocicat as a separate breed (allowing the Ocicat to remain a spotted breed!). This will allow interested breeders to pursue the recognition and acceptance of classic patterned Ocicats in their own right, with full support from the Club. This breed is now recognised as the Aztec, with Full Championship status in GCCF and is equally supported by the Club.

The Ocicat Club welcomes membership from the United Kingdom as well as overseas, offering pet owners and breeders alike the opportunity to support, and be part of the Ocicat and Aztec community.

Club Newsletter

The Ocicat Muse is the official publication of The Ocicat Club, this is produced twice a year with a mid year newsletter sent mainly be email to Members and an annual Yearbook. The Yearbook contains show results, Ocicat and Aztec news, news of the cat fancy and individual members contributions. The Editor always welcomes articles for this publication; these can be any items of interest including your own cat stories!

If you would like to submit an article please contact;
The Editor Manuela Croft

The Committee

President: Mr Desmond Morris


Mr Ian Shorten
Tel:07932 590570 Email

Honorary Secretary/Membership Secretary
Mrs Rosemary Caunter

'Woodlands', Mounters Lane
Chawton, Alton
Hampshire GU34 1RZ
Tel: 01420 82957 Email

Honorary Treasurer
Mr Stephen Whiting
31 The Grove,
North Cray
Kent DA14 5NG

Trophies Secretary
Mrs Valerie Donlon

Mrs Valerie Donlon

Mrs Stacie Shorten
- Webmaster - Email
Mrs Manuela Croft - Vice Chair and Welfare Officer Email
Mrs Vicki Hardy
Mrs Jean Saunders
Ms Perri Mansaray