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The Ocicat Club

Welcome! The Ocicat Club UK is dedicated to the welfare and promotion of our two outstanding breeds, The OCICAT and The AZTEC. Our website aims to bring you information on these beautiful intelligent and exciting cats, including their history and origins, the Breed Standard and colours, and much more!

Ocicat and Aztec

The Ocicat Club supported the Ocicat through the various stages of recognition to Full Championship level with GCCF.

The Club also initiated the recognition of the Aztec (the classic patterned GCCF sister breed, developed from the Ocicat), supporting the Aztec equally to Full Championship level.

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Grand Champion THICKTHORN CUSCUS - Blue Silver Ocicat

Find out about UK Ocicats and Aztecs and their breeders, where to find kittens, all about the Club, Shows, and many other breed related topics.

We hope that members and visitors alike will find the site interesting and informative.

The Ocicat Club welcomes membership from the United Kingdom as well as overseas, offering pet owners and breeders alike the opportunity to support, and be part of the Ocicat and Aztec community.


If you have a general Ocicat or Aztec enquiry please contact The Secretary of The Ocicat Club
Rosemary Caunter

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Chocolate Silver Aztec

Auxarcs Homer of Thickthorn - Chocolate Silver Aztec

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Chocolate Ocicat Female Neuter ................... Breed Number 73b / OCI b 24
Born 25th November 2009

Bred by Rosemary Caunter ........................... Owned by Stephen Whiting
Sire: Thickthorn Thunderbolt ........................ Dam: Imp. Gr. Ch. Thickthorn Madras

Lottie gained her Olympian Gold title on 17th January 2015 when she won both her Olympian Classes at Scotland's first joint All-Breed Show: Being awarded an Olympian Certificate at both the Scottish Cat Club Show and the West Of Scotland Cat Club Show. Many thanks to her Olympian Judges on the day, Rosemary Fisher and Maria Chapman-Beer and also to all the judges that have thought so highly of her and awarded Olympian Certificates to Lottie along the way to achieving this ultimate title; particularly Diana Harper and Steve Crow who have awarded Lottie Olympian Certificates at each level. Thanks also go to all those people that have encouraged me to show Lottie in pursuit of this title.

A huge thank you too to her breeder, Rosemary Caunter, for such a wonderful girl. Congratulations on breeding an Olympian Gold Ocicat.

Special thanks also go to Lottie herself, for being so patient and for travelling to so many shows in working towards achieving this title: You can now have a well-earned rest. Also thank you to Lottie's Ocicat Classic brother Leonard who has accompanied her to almost every show and who has kept her company on the way there and back.

I am so proud of Lottie, who is as fun and loving as she is beautiful, for all that she has achieved. To Lottie a huge 'Well Done!' and 'Thank You!' from Daddy.

Steve Whiting

A HUGE congratulations to Steve and Lottie from the Club!

Photgraphs by Krissi Lundgren


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